The Price of Freedom

In the pages of this book, I pour out the story of my life, which unfolded over half a century. Once, I was just a blond-haired child, filled with innocence and joy, blessed to grow up in what felt like a corner of paradise.
My journey began in Transylvania, a place seemingly untouched by the march of modern history.
My parents, unwavering in their faith, chose the name Cornel for me, perhaps envisioning the centurion from the Bible, a figure admired and aided by Jesus himself.
From my earliest memories, I held a deep love for freedom.
The confines imposed by cruel individuals and oppressive regimes never sat well with me.
It was inevitable that I would grow to despise the Communist Party, a dark shadow that cast fear, hunger, and censorship over our time.
Even as a child, I yearned for a world where truth could be spoken without fear, where being a Christian, a diligent person, or a prosperous soul would not lead to humiliation.
I dreamed of a nation where all my brothers and fellow countrymen could taste the sweet nectar of freedom and discover their own paths to happiness.
My story is one of resilience in the face of adversity, of hope in the darkest of times, and of a steadfast belief in the power of the human spirit to overcome even the most oppressive forces.
As I recount the chapters of my life, I hope to share not only my personal journey but also the collective struggle of a generation that fought for a better world, a world where the shackles of tyranny could be broken, and the light of freedom could shine through.


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